[Translation] Who is Yabu Kota - Popolo May 2013

minna, it's new translation of Popolo May 2013 (*⌒▽⌒*) Hikaru said Kou-chan is his Childhood Friends!! I love yabuhika moment (≧◡≦) I think Kou-chan is a good person, and kawaii ne ;)) 

Arioka: My Brain
He’s smart, so whenever I watch the news or something and there’s some word I don’t know, you can always ask him and he’ll explain accurately. Maybe he’s more of JUMP’s brain than just mine. Let’s go on a trip together again!

Takaki: Same Hotel Room 
When we go to other areas for work, we’re quite often in the same hotel room. Yabu-kun watches sports live on his laptop so I usually watch it with him.

Inoo: Fun Facts Oniisan
He tells me fun facts about soccer and other things that I never knew about. He’s the master of making things that are out of your interest seem fun.

Yaotome: Childhood Friends
We’re like childhood friends, really. We don’t have to say hello or goodbye to each other,
and we don’t even have to make eye contact with each other to understand

Yamada: Master
I always rely on him. When it comes to things like stage greetings, I ask him for advice on what to say. We call each other “Chanyabu” and “Chanyama” these days. (笑)

Chinen: Oniichan
I don’t have to worry so much about being considerate around him, and we often eat out together. I feel we have the same sort of lifestyle. (笑)

Nakajima: Oniichan
He knows so many things! Even when we’re talking, he points out things at me clearly, and quite often I nod at his words.

Okamoto: Ramen Friends
I mean, we went out to eat ramen about 3 times in a week before. Yabu-kun watches over me, right? …I’ll just keep to that thought anyway. (笑)

credits to: jumpingtomyheart

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