Yabu Duet 0910 translation

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-He laughs easily. During MC-ing, Yabu-kun's laughing point is low, and the talks just continues! (Nakajima)

His whispering voice is really sexy. During the concert, and there are many times for MC, so for the voice not to be heard by mic, he whispered to me in my ears, and his voice just continued in my ears, it was really cool (Yamada)

Our elder brother can turn bad or cute at times. But the timing for him turning bad is unknown, so, if he does turn bad on stage, it'll be really difficult (laughs). (Chinen)

JUMP's eldest! When I'm all alone, Yabu-kun would come and talk to me. Being the youngest, I'm often taken care, and I sometimes think that it's great to have Yabu-kun in JUMP. I should learn from him as the eldest son in the Morimoto family. (Morimoto)

The guy with the unlimited power. Summer means, Concert, shooting of drama, coming to and fro from concert, but he didn't even show a sign of weariness. I really respect him. (Okamoto)

A surprising "natural"! At the studio's restaurant, and the fried bacon potato were added into his food, and when he saw the round shaped tree plate I guess it's the bark or something, he went "Ah, it's not bread". The tree shaped plate really looked like a bread (laughs). (Arioka)

He's always perfect. I've not seen him when he missed something. But, when he's playing around, he's seriously playing around. Please do continue to be the pillar of strength for JUMP! (Takaki)

His average bowling score is 80, just like a girl (laughs). Also, during the MC for the concert, he'll go "Earlier on, I played with Inoo in the dressing room", but the fact is that he was the one that tempted me to play~. (Inoo)

During MC-ing, when my talks about not having hobbies comes out, the talk about soccer is taken out (laughs). Recently, I've started a one pattern, there would be other things added in my jokes, it'll end off quietly (laughs). (Yaotome)

Yabu Kota

-To accept the coverage of the magazine as JUMP, is up to everyone. When deciding the content,  the make-up person would help, there would be people sleeping, gaming, magazine reading, people eating, people talking....And then, Inoo-chan is really noisy. That guy is really annoying (laughs). ("Aren't you glad about that?" Inoo says). Inoo-chan is often seen with a music player. Yesterday we saw a movie together while moving around, but i fell asleep halfway through, he watched it till the very end.

My secret is, "I have been using the same towelkett タオルケットis a blanket made of towels XD ever since kindergarten!". Somehow seems lame huh. Even during winter, I'll use it (laughs). Even though it's rather torn and tattered, I'll still use it in the future. And the best way to settle this secret is... not to tell anyone about that? Because I'm a strong guy, I'll be able to keep my secret close to myself, I think (laughs).

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